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Code Developed at the Computational Vision Laboratory

Permission granted to use and copy the code for research and educational purposes only. Sale of the code is not permitted.
The code may be redistributed so long as the original source and authors are cited.
Additional restrictions may apply to specific packages.

 Code Available Online


For more information about the code, see

Logvinenko, A., Funt, B., and Godau, C. (2014) Metamer Mismatching. IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, vol. 23, no. 1, pp.  34-43.

Logvinenko, A.D., Funt, B., and Mirzaei, H., (2013) The Extent of Metamer Mismatching. AIC 2013 (International Colour Association) Conference. vol. 2, pp. 507–510.


For more information about the code, see
Shi, L., Xiong, W., and Funt, B.,
Illumination Estimation via Thin-Plate Spline Interpolation,
Journal of the Optical Society of America A(JOSA A), Vol. 28, 5, pp.
940-948, 2011

For more information about the code, see
Funt, B.V., Ciurea, F. and McCann, J.
Retinex in Matlab,
Proceedings of the IS&T/SID Eighth Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Systems and Applications, 2000, pp 112-121.

  • Barnard's Computational color constancy source code

    Available from here.
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