Wave 2000- Update

Last I promised, this Wave 2000 thing would be started in July.

What's going on?

Just last week, I defended my Masters thesis. That's right- someone out there thinks that I'm smart enough to have the title M.Sc. beside my name. Good news for me, but bad for my readers. I guess my thesis took longer to write than the three weeks I had allocated for it.

(Stop laughing!)

It is now mid-August, and still no pilot article. I just have one thing to say.

I am burnt out.

Not like before, mind you, but I will need some time to get my mind back on the things that are important in life, like bridge. I expect the pilot article to be ready in early to mid-September. So above all...

Be patient! Good things are worth waiting for.

Those of you interested in reading my thesis, here's a copy in postscript format that you can download. Oh, and here's one in .pdf format, if you prefer.

It's a study of the board game Clue.

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Written: August 15, 2000