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TGIF July 2007: Scores

1. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S Q J 9 5   H A Q 9   D Q 9 4   C Q 8 7  
West North East South  
2NT (1) 3D (2) 5C ?
(1) Minors.
(2) Majors with better spades (5-4, 5-5 or 6-4).

Your call?

Pass 14 100
5S 5 50
5H 0 0
Dbl 0 0
Moderator: "Support with support" is usually a good idea. The panel majority doesn't agree with that maxim, however, on this deal. You have no extra defense or offense. (Most local respondents felt this was a forcing pass situation.)
Grant Baze: Pass. I have no offense, no defense and no hand.
Steve Robinson: Pass. This must show forward-going values and deny good clubs or good diamonds. If I had strong minors, I would double.
Kai Zhou: Dbl. I'll try to discourage pard with my bad hand.
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Without 2 QT, I would not have opened this POS. Double to discourage bidding. Hope to go plus!
Adam Melzak: 5S. I'll leave it up to pard: by my count he has minus one clubs. Hopefully not 3 losers in diamonds.
Stephen Vincent: Pass. The good major suit holdings don't outweigh the horrible minors and flat distribution.
David Walker: 5S. Partner won't know I have 4 good spades, but there are too many holes for me to bid 6. He still can.
Aidan Ballantyne: 5S. ...a two way bid. Pard should know I am under pressure and cut me some slack.
Larry Meyer: Dbl. Flat and 4 Queens = Defense, not Offense, especally at the 5-level.
Mike Roberts: Pass. If I had to guess, I'd say down 1 both ways is most likely. At IMPS, I'd bid, for insurance. Here, I'll transfer blame to partner. I am worried that he won't know which major I like, but since I'll just correct 5H(D) to 5S.
Perry Khakhar: 5S. There is NO way that I ever opened this hand! I hate my bid, but where is the defence? May be they will take a nonvul dive, when we are going down, on a minor suit ruff! Any plus at MPs should be fine.
Bj Trelford: 5S. Not much wasted. If I pass and partner dbls will I pass? (No I have too many spades) Pass would be stronger. Dbl penalties. Neither are as good as 5S.
Chris Buchanan: 5S. I do not like my minor Q's for defence. I have great major suit cards for offence.
Ranjan Bhaduri: Pass. I am viewing this as a forcing pass. With only 1 ace, and already showing an opening hand, and not much idea of partner's strength, it's best to pass.
Chris Diamond: Pass. My majors are good, my shape not. I think pass should be forcing, will pass a double by pard.

2. Matchpoints. E-W vul.
S 4   H A K J 10 9 7   D K 10 4   C J 10 2  
West North East South  
Pass 1C Pass 1H
1S Pass Pass ?

Your call?

4H 9 100
3H 1 60
2S 5 50
Dbl 2 40
3S 2 30
2H 0 10
2D 0 0
Moderator: A near majority see the powerful suit and bid 4H.
Grant Baze: 4H. ... the bid under my nose.
Steve Robinson: 4H. Double would be takeout, but I don't want to defend 1S doubled. My hearts are good enough to play opposite a void.
Paul Soloway: 4H. Why look for anything else? Double might lead to playing 1S doubled.
Kai Zhou: 4H. I do not need too much from partner to make a game.
Eugene Chan: 4H. Good suit. Extra 10's. Singleton spade. Expect to draw trumps and claim.
Adam Melzak: 3H. Emphasize best feature of hand. Sure pard wants to hear double...
David Walker: 4H. I'll settle for plus 420. West isn't going to bid again whatever I bid.
Aidan Ballantyne: 2S. Every panel contest should have at least one cue bid. Plan to rebid hearts next turn.
Martin Henneberger: 2S. forcing to be followed by 3H.
Jongseok Oh: 2S. Forcing and trying for slam.
Larry Meyer: 4H. Bidding what I think we can make.
Mike Roberts: 2S. Well, I'm going to game, with all the tens. I'll bid 3H over partner's bid; if he then bids 3NT I'll pass. 4H a close 2nd.
Perry Khakhar: 2S. Yes I realize that we might be missing the magic +200. However, a +400 or +420 will still beat that score. And, if there is a +980 available....
Bj Trelford: 4H. Bid what you think you can make. Not interested in slam or 3NT when partner passes 1S.
Chris Buchanan: 2S. What would double by partner have been? All budding partnerships should discuss this one. Let's just force the auction for now.
Bob Todd: 2S. ...followed by 4H. This hand is too strong for a 4H rebid.
Ranjan Bhaduri: 3H. With partner opening, game should be there, but IF partner has a void in hearts and strong spades, perhaps 3NT is better than 4H.
Chris Diamond: 3S. A self splinter should lose me this contest. Will pull 3NT to 4H in case pard thinks I'm asking.

3. Matchpoints. N-S vul.
S A 8   H Q 8 6 5 3   D A 9 5   C K 9 2  
West North East South  
Pass 1S 2C Pass
Pass 2S 3C ?

Your call?

Pass 14 100
3S 5 50
3NT 0 10
3D 0 0
Dbl 0 0
Moderator: In a repeat of the voting on problem 1, South has no surprises for anyone---no extra value for partner and no nasty surprise for East-West.
Grant Baze: Pass. I have a minimum with no direction. Double, even at matchpoints, has no relation to bridge.
Steve Robinson: Pass. I have what partner might expect me to have. Partner bid 2S in the passout seat and could be an overbid with a five-card suit and a hand such as SK Q J 10 4 H7 2 DJ 10 4 3 C8 3.
Kai Zhou: 3S. Double is ok, too, but maybe not enough profit.
Julien Levesque: Pass. Anyone for -200 or - 470 at a 80% chance of happening if I bid on or double, but am willing to defend , can partner want to defend I pass the buck with my 3 1/4 defensive tricks ; and hope partner makes an inteligent call
Eugene Chan: Dbl. Better than expected defense. Seemingly simple application of the LAW. Can't play at the 3 level without 9 combined trumps.
Adam Melzak: Pass. Double? 3S? 3NT??? Uhhh I still don't think hand has anything to say.
David Walker: 3S. Partner might just have the right stuff to make four.
Aidan Ballantyne: Pass. Pass again. Tough one but the vul is wrong to double (300 is unlikely). Would bid 3S before doubling. Pass is better than 3S as pard may double competitively in which case I will have another (similar) problem but would probably leave it in.
Larry Meyer: Pass. No source of tricks to justify bidding at the 3 level.
Mike Roberts: Pass. Vulnerable, it's easy for them to double 3S, and we have no expectancy of beating 3C one, let alone two. Why bid?
Perry Khakhar: 3S. I am not going to allow them to play undoubled, and Double here does not feel comfortable. Lack of Support Double makes this bid competitive only with a lead director. Let's see who doubles whom first!
Bj Trelford: 3S. Partner has a decent hand (8-9) with at least 6 spades. I have good controls.
Chris Buchanan: 3S. This is not invitational. I really hope that partner has the 8-11 that I expect.
Ranjan Bhaduri: Pass. This should go down, 3S is a toss-up (does partner have a 6-carder), penalty doubling is a bit too risky.
Chris Diamond: 3S. Who knows? Gambling +140 or -100 against -110. How tough is the field (will they double)?

4. Matchpoints. None vul.
S A 7 6 5 2   H Q   D 8 5   C J 6 5 4 2  
West North East South  
1H 1NT 3H (1) ?
(1) Weak.

Your call?

3S 10 100
Dbl 7 90
Pass 2 50
4H 0 20
4S 0 0
Moderator: On this deal, pass seems too timid, but 3S is a forcing bid with a hand that contains only 7 high-card points, but may lead to a great reward. Double is more flexible.
Grant Baze: 3S. Maybe something good will happen if I bid 3S. Nothing good is likely if I pass or double.
Steve Robinson: 3S. I have more offense than defense.
Paul Soloway: 3S. I've got to get into action with 5-5 distribution.
Eugene Chan: 3S. Appears right on values. Too risky to double.
Adam Melzak: Dbl. Transfer:) Can be passed.
Peg Mcshane: 4H. Transfer to 4S.
David Walker: 3NT. Partner would have doubled with a decent three card spade holding. The clubs could be useful and the HQ definitely will be.
Aidan Ballantyne: Dbl. Not sure about the meaning but I will take the view that if pard had 4-cd spades and bad hearts he would have overcalled 1S or doubled for TO so I will make a call that makes it possible for us to defend. Pass is not an option.
Martin Henneberger: 3S. I wish I had more but passing and a negative double look wrong. If pard bids 3NT, then maybe the clubs will come home. GLP
Larry Meyer: 3S. They seem to have a fit, so we should have one, too.
Mike Roberts: Dbl. I'm presuming this as negative. I expect partner to pass if he doesn't have 4S. This seems to maximize our potential.
Perry Khakhar: 3S. Is a negative double available?
Bj Trelford: Dbl. This is take out.
Chris Buchanan: Dbl. I really...REALLY hope this is takeout. But if partner passes, I will pretend I'm happy then blame partner for any bad result and congratualte myself for any good result.
Bob Todd: Dbl. ..should be OK if partner leaves it in. I will sit for 3NT.
Ranjan Bhaduri: 4S. Game is probably there, 5-5 ... better for offence.
Chris Diamond: 3S. So many ways to be wrong, but this is the cheapest.

5. IMPs. Both vul.
S Q 6 5   H 7 6 5 3   D A 8 6 2   C 7 3  
West North East South  
    Pass Pass
1H Dbl 1NT (1) Pass
4C 4S 5C ?
(1) Transfer to clubs.

Your call?

5D 11 100
5S 7 70
5H 0 10
6S 0 10
Pass 1 10
Dbl 0 0
Moderator: 11 panelists choose to raise spades by cuebidding 5D. North has shown enough spade length and strength that South cannot be looking for a new strain at this point in the auction. In context, South has a super hand for partner so he needs to do more than raise to 5S. 7 experts bid 5S. None of them explains why they reject the 5D cuebid.
Grant Baze: 5D. I have to bid, and there's no reason not to cuebid. Partner may have SA K J 10 9 7 4 HA 4 DK Q 7 3C-- or countless other hands where slam is cold.
Paul Soloway: 5S. An ace and the SQ make it worth bidding.
Eugene Chan: 5S. An immediate 2D over the club transfer is preferred. Now we are in nomansland.
Adam Melzak: 5D. Trumps, an ace, nothing wasted, BUT, is your hand worth 5D? or a mere 5S?
Peg Mcshane: Dbl. I have one ace.
David Walker: 5S. All partner needs is what I've got.
Aidan Ballantyne: 5D. This should be a cue bid since I passed 1NT, I cannot have a hand I now want to declare 5D. Every panel contest should have at least 2 cue bids.
Martin Henneberger: 5D. It's between 5S and 5D. Since I couldn't act over 1NT this should allow pard to bid 6 with any exceptional hand or sign off in 5S. Why should I decide 5S is the limit? Let him reevaluate over 5D!
Larry Meyer: 5S. Pard bid 4S not knowing about my Qxx trump support and outside ace - I owe him a sign of life.
Mike Roberts: 5D. With a good partner, this MUST be a cue (I passed over 1NT). Maybe he has AKxxxxx Kx KQxx. Besides, this is how you score -700 nowadays.
Perry Khakhar: 5D. I like my hand a lot for this bidding! Diamond Q-bid should get us where we need to be!
Bj Trelford: 5D. This is a spade raise lead director. Knowing I have a card in diamond could lead to slam.
Chris Buchanan: 5S. I've seen this hand before and I refuse to let decarer play 5C with their 6-5. I have the right cards for partner to take the push to 5S.
Bob Todd: 5D. On the way to 5 or 6S. I didn't bid 2D the first time!!
Ranjan Bhaduri: Dbl. East was a passed hand ... they've bid this to the max, partner has some points, you have an ace.
Chris Diamond: 5D. 5D has to be a Q for spades. Is everybody transferring now?

Panel's Answers

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Grant Baze Pass 4H Pass 3S 5D 500
Steve Robinson Pass 4H Pass 3S 5S 470
Paul Soloway Pass 4H Pass 3S 5S 470
Mike Lawrence Pass 4H Pass Dbl 5S 460
Allan Falk Pass 3H Pass Dbl 5D 450
Barry Rigal Pass 4H 3S 3S 5D 450
Kerri Sanborn 5S 4H Pass 3S 5D 450
August Boehm Pass 2S Pass Dbl 5D 440
Randi Montin Pass 2S Pass Dbl 5D 440
Karen Walker Pass 4H 3S Dbl 5D 440
Jeff Meckstroth Pass 2S Pass 3S 5S 420
Jill Meyers Pass 3S Pass Dbl 5D 420
The Colchamiros Pass Dbl Pass 3S 5S 410
Richard Freeman 5S 4H 3S 3S 5D 400
The Coopers 5S Dbl Pass Dbl 5D 380
Bridge Baron Pass 4H Pass Pass Pass 360
Betty Ann Kennedy 5S 2S 3S 3S 5D 350
The Sutherlins Pass 3S Pass Pass 5S 350
Larry Cohen 5S 2S 3S 3S 5S 320

Local Heroes

    1 2 3 4 5 Total
1.    Stephen Vincent Pass 4H Pass 3S 5S 470
2.    Michael Dimich Pass 4H Pass Pass 5S 420
3.    Adam Melzak 5S 3H Pass Dbl 5D 400
3.    Martin Henneberger Pass 2S 3S 3S 5D 400
5.    Aidan Ballantyne 5S 2S Pass Dbl 5D 390
6.    Rod Coote 5S 3H Pass 3S 5S 380
7.    Julie Smith 5S 4H 3S 3S 5S 370
7.    Larry Meyer Dbl 4H Pass 3S 5S 370
7.    Norma Doucette 5S 4H 3S 3S 5S 370
10.    Brad Bart Dbl 4H Pass Dbl 5S 360
10.    Joel Martineau 5S 2S Pass Dbl 5S 360

World Leaders

    1 2 3 4 5 Total
1.    Mike Roberts (U S A) Pass 2S Pass Dbl 5D 440
1.    Leo Weniger (Canada) Pass 2S Pass Dbl 5D 440
3.    Lisa Csima (Canada) Pass 4H 3S 3S 5S 420
4.    Fred Bart (Canada) 5S 4H 3S 3S 5D 400
5.    Bj Trelford (Canada) 5S 4H 3S Dbl 5D 390
6.    Merv Adey (Canada) Pass 3H Pass Pass 5S 380
6.    Chris Diamond (Canada) Pass 3S 3S 3S 5D 380
8.    Ross Jamieson (Canada) 5S 4H 3S Dbl 5S 360
9.    Perry Khakhar (Canada) 5S 2S 3S 3S 5D 350
10.    Bob Todd (Canada) 5S 2S 3S Dbl 5D 340
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