Collaborative Research and Industrial Relations Office (CRIR)

The Collaborative Research and Industrial Relations Office (CRIR) at School of Computing Science facilitates and coordinates research collaborations involving faculty members and/or industrial partners. The office supports strategic research initiatives and promotes SFU Computing Science research to industry, the local community and within SFU.

The office also runs an Industry Speaker Series and an Industry Seminar Series.

The current director is Dr. Jian Pei.

For more information please contact crir @

Industry Seminar Series

June 22, 2009 Michael McAllister, Director, SAP BusinessObjects, 2:00pm, TASC1 9204
Mar 5, 2009 Entrepreneurs-In-Residence: Doug Blakeway (Canadian Listed Company Association), Phil Holland (Sutus), Basil Peters (Fundamental Technologies II), 1:00-3:00pm, TASC1 9204
Feb 18, 2009 Ali C. Begen (CISCO), 2:00-4:00pm, TASC1 9204