Literary Work
(resumed after an interruption of three decades- yes, I am stubborn! :-))


Poems: Songs:
Quiero (Tango) Music: Rob Turner, with arrangements by Budge Schachte  (yes, this is the cousin of our very own LP'er Peter Schachte- the world is so small!). Lyrics: Veronica Dahl. Violin: Antonio Bernal. Bandoneon: Douglas Schmidt. Bass: Les Kasprzak. Guitar: Budge Schachte. Vocals: Veronica Dahl.
Sueno Despierta (Salsa) Music and Lyrics: Veronica Dahl, with arrangements by Hugo Guzman. Guitar: Hugo Guzman and William Benavidez. Percussion: Rolo Preza and Laurine Harrison. Bass:  Vocals: Veronica Dahl.

Performance Demo 

The Poetry of Movement:

Not that I am very good at any of my above multiple personalities, but I must admit that salsa dancing is particularly challenging for me. Still, it is very much me! However uncorresponded, it is a great love. My website would not be complete without it. For really good dancers, contact these two great dancers and instructors:

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