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Pipelined Multiway Join

  1. Computing several joins in parallel.
  2. Example. tex2html_wrap_inline1218 can be computed by first computing `` tex2html_wrap_inline1220 '' and `` tex2html_wrap_inline1222 '', and then `` tex2html_wrap_inline1224 ''.
  3. Moreover, it can be computed in pipelined way: tex2html_wrap_inline1226 . Processor tex2html_wrap_inline870 is assigned to process tex2html_wrap_inline1230 , tex2html_wrap_inline872 to tex2html_wrap_inline1234 , and tex2html_wrap_inline1236 to process the join of the tuples being generated by tex2html_wrap_inline870 and tex2html_wrap_inline872 .

Osmar Zaiane
Sun Jul 26 17:45:14 PDT 1998