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Optical Disks

  1. CD-ROM has become a popular medium for distributing software, multimedia data, and other electronic published information.
  2. Capacity of CD-ROM: tex2html_wrap_inline576 500 MB. Disks are cheap to mass produce and also drives.
  3. CD-ROM: much longer seek time (250m-sec), lower rotation speed (400 rpm), leading to high latency and lower data-transfer rate (about 150 KB/sec). Drives spins at tex2html_wrap_inline578 audio CD spin speed (standard) is available.
  4. Recently, a new optical format, digit video disk (DVD) has become standard. These disks hold between 4.7 and 17 GB data.
  5. WORM (write-once, read many) disks are popular for archival storage of data since they have a high capacity (about 500 MB), longer life time than HD, and can be removed from drive -- good for audit trail (hard to tamper).

Osmar Zaiane
Tue Jul 7 16:00:21 PDT 1998