Learning Lisp for CMPT 310

You will be coding in the Common LISP programming language for your assignments. Since you are already a third-year student, you will be learning the language on your own, with the following assistance:

  1. a set of tutorial notes to guide you through Common LISP in 4 weeks
  2. a LISP development environment to let you experiment with the language and work on the exercises from the tutorial notes
  3. recommended references on Common LISP
  4. some web resources for learning LISP

Tutorial Notes

All the Lisp that you need for completing the programming assignments will be presented in the following tutorial notes. You are expected to master the materials of one tutorial in a week. Work through the exercises. They are good for your soul.

Hands-on Experience

Although you will not be asked to hand in your solution, you should nevertheless try to work on the programming exercises given in the tutorial notes above. Nothinig can replace the experience you gain from hands-on programming. Do try running your solutions in the Allegro Common LISP development environment. See the CMPT 310 Assignments page for information on how to access the software.

Recommanded Lisp References

For those who cannot live without a textbook, I highly recommend the following:

Our library has 3 copies. Two of them are on 24-hour reserve, and the third one on 4-hour reserve. The book is also available from the SFU bookstore if you want to buy a copy of your own. You will need the materials in chapters 1-13, except for the following:

The follow manual, commonly referred to as the CLTL2, was the basis on which the ANSI standard was built. Although it is not the standard, it is close enough. It allows you to quickly look up specific features of the Common LISP language:

Our library has 3 copies, two of them are on 24-hour reserve. If you have enough hard drive space at home, you may also download the entire manual from an FTP site.

Other Links

Additional information about Lisp can be obtained from the following sources: