CMPT 310 Assignments

There will be four assignments, composing 45% of the course grade. Assignments are due on every third Friday, before 12:15pm. Each assignment builds on the previous one. At the end of the course, you will have a fully functional mechanical planner. Partial solution to the assignments will be posted here regularly.

Programming Language: Common LISP

You will be coding in the Common LISP programming language for your programming assignments. Consult the Learning LISP for CMPT 310 page to acquire the programming skills needed in the assignments.

Development Environment: Allegro Common LISP

We will be using the Allegro Common LISP development environment (Ver. 4.3) for our assignments. The software is installed on our CSIL UNIX servers and the 10 PCs running Solaris x86 in ASB 9804. In a UNIX shell, type composer to activate the software. If you are new to UNIX, please consult the following sources:

If you have a PC at home, you are encouraged to obtain the trial version (Ver. 6.0) of Allegro Common LISP. The software can be downloaded for free from the web site of Franz Inc.. You may also do your assignments with this version.