Assignment 4

In this assignment you are to apply what you have learned in this course to produce whatever you want! General suggestions include simple games, interesting animations, or utilities similar to the colour wheel.

Marks are assigned based on the use of various features of Processing. The exact details of the requirements are specified in the marking scheme below.

Marking Scheme

This assignment is marked out of 15.

  • 3 marks for using at least one class in your program. Specifically:
    • 1 mark for writing a class that represents a drawable object with attributes for coordinates, colour etc.
    • 1 mark for writing (and using) a constructor for your class.
    • 1 mark for writing (and calling) a render method for your class.
  • 2 marks for using at least one ArrayList in your program. Specifically:
    • 1 mark for using an ArrayList to store multiple drawable objects.
    • 1 mark for using a loop to process the contents of the ArrayList.
  • 1 mark for using multiple colours or multiple shades of gray.
  • 1 mark for using text - if you feel text is not appropriate for your application you may either give it a title that appears in the window or display your name.
  • 1 mark for using sound in your program; for example as a response to some event, or to play a loop of background music.
  • 1 mark for having your program respond to at least one mouse event.
  • 1 mark for having your program respond to at least one keyboard event.
  • 2 marks based on our judgement of the quality and complexity of your program.
  • 3 marks are for the quality of your source code. Specifically:
    • 1 mark for consistent and sensible indentation of your code.
    • 1 mark for sensible and self-descriptive variable names throughout your code.
    • 1 mark for using functions in a sensible and appropriate way in your program.

What to Submit

Please name the program you write for this assignment asn4. Submit the folder called asn4 that contains the program (which should be automatically called asn4.pde) and any image and font files it needs. Compress this folder as an archive named (please only use .zip, and not some other archive format).

Submitting this Assignment

Please submit this assignment on-line no later than the due date listed on the course marking scheme. Late assignments may not be marked.

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